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THMO 3 Pack Bamboo Thermal Socks (6-11 / Black)

THMO 3 Pack Bamboo Thermal Socks (6-11 / Black)

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THMO 3 Pack Bamboo Thermal Socks

Bamboo Thermal Socks by THMO bring you the highest level of comfort with these soft, natural bamboo socks. Made from organic cotton yarn and super soft bamboo fibres, these socks provide comfort and warmth all day long.

Bamboo fibres are thermo-regulating, which help your feet stay warm during the cold months of Winter. The thermal properties in these socks provide an extra layer of insulation, allowing your feet to stay warm.

These socks have a stretchy comfort top that moulds to your leg to reduce constriction rings and tightness, which allows for regular circulation. As well as all day comfort, these socks feature a cushioned foot bed providing your feet with an extra layer of support.

Great for the Outdoors: The high quality bamboo offers a softer and luxurious feel on your feet, helping you to stay relaxed and comfortable especially during the winter months.

These socks come in a pack of three and are available in four colours: Black, Blue, Black/Navy/Grey & Brown. Made From 43% Viscose (From Bamboo), 40% Organic Cotton, 12% Polyester, 2% Elastane, they are available in sizes 4-8 UK, 6-11 UK & 12-14 UK and are machine washable at 40..

Extra Product Details

- THMO Bamboo Thermal Socks
- 3 Pairs Per Pack
- Cushioned Foot Bed
- Great For The Outdoors
- Thick Thermal Properties
- Four Colours Available
- Soft Bamboo Fibres
- Loose Comfort Top
- 3 Size Options
- Machine Washable at 48

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