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Twentyfour Compartment Display Tray

Twentyfour Compartment Display Tray

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Twentyfour Compartment Display Tray
Per case: 1 Piece
Unit dimensions: 3x35x24 (cm), 2.52L, 0.24Kg/L
Materials/Ingredients: Rattan
Country of origin: CHN

 Jewellery display tray, made from natural polyurethane, hand finished featuring twenty-four compartment display, ideal for showcasing jewellery and precious stones. 

Compartment display tray is perfect for counter tops, glass cabinets and other shop floor displays.

This natural styled jewellery display stands from Ancient Wisdom Dropshipping, hand finished to showcase your necklaces, chains, pendants and other fashion jewellery. 

These pinnable polyurethane forms are wrapped tightly with twisted natural paper to give a smart and striking natural rattan effect which contrasts with your jewellery for added style and sophistication.

  • Sizes:
  • Height 24cm, Width 35cm, Lenght 3cm
  • Weight 605g

A smart way to keep your jewellery at home.

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